Sunday, May 5, 2019

We buy unwanted properties

D L New Enterprises LLC dba New Investment Solutions

We are a real estate service located in Greenville South Carolina. However we operate over multiple cities throughout the US. We have a virtual presence that affords us the capability. We work with cash buyers that can close quickly and we are always in different markets with a pipeline of properties ready to go.

 All properties we list are under contract and you are in agreement to receiving the assigned contract for a fee. If you are interested in joining our buyers list please feel free to fill in the form with your best email and contact number. We will forward you the latest properties as they become available.

Located in Greenville SC we are a Real Estate Service Company that has the goal of eliminating poverty and revamping neighborhoods before they become a nuisance. We plan to aid in the redevelopment of distressed neighborhoods. If your are a current landlord with properties that you are reaching your means to an end, contact us so we can discuss an exit route for you and the property.

We are always open. Our virtual presence affords us the opportunity to serve you 24 hours a day. If we are available the online chat box will pop up. Otherwise someone will get back to you in the order in which the incoming notification was received. We look forward to doing business with you and are honored to be able to serve the community in such a way as we intend. Salutations to you all.